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AGAPE Kitchen & Wine offers dishes that seem to be forgotten today but were cooked a lot in the old days.

The restaurant was open in 2016 and is situated in the old part of Primošten.

We offer dishes that seem to be forgotten today but were cooked a lot in the old days. Well prepared and rich tapas prepared with great skill and knowledge by our chef leave no one indifferent but with the desire to come again.
Wide offer of vines and help in choosing the right wine from our skilled staff will satisfy your emotions and you will leave the restaurant Agape pleased with our offer and service.

Agape Kitchen & Wine team



Moet & Chandon Brut Imperial

1.200,00 kn

Francuska, Champagne, Brut - 0,75l

Drappier Carte D'or Brut

1.000,00 kn

France, Champagne, 75% Pinot Noir, 15% Chardonnay, 10% Meunier - 0,75l

Pjenušac Šember

320,00 kn

Šember winery, Jastrebarsko-Plešivica - 0,75l


280,00 kn

Italy, Valdobbiadene docg prosecco - 0,75l

White house wine

150,00 kn


Pošip Stina

300,00 kn

Jako vino, top quality 2011 - 0,75l

Pošip Nono (Rizman)

300,00 kn

Top quality vino, 2011 - 0,75l

Pošip Čara

220,00 kn

P.Z. Čara Korčula - 0,75l

Pošip P9 Bibich

300,00 kn

Table wine, 2012 - 0,75l

Debit Bibich

200,00 kn

Quality wine, 2008 - 0,75l

Graševina Galić

180,00 kn

Top quality wine 2012 - 0,75l

Chardonnay Galić

200,00 kn

Top quality wine, 2011 - 0,75l

Chardonnay Rossi

200,00 kn

Rossi winery - 0,75l

Graševina Krauthaker

180,00 kn

Top quality wine, 2012 - 0,75l

Malvazija Rossi

180,00 kn

Rossi winery - 0,75l

Malvazija Kozlović

220,00 kn

Top quality wine, 2012 - 0,75l

Malvazija Alba-Matosević

160,00 kn

Quality wine, 2012 - 0,75l

Sauvignon Galić

200,00 kn

Top quality wine, 2012 - 0,75l

Pinot Sivi

180,00 kn

Krauthaker quality wine, 2010 - 0,75l

Red house wine

120,00 kn


Babić Vrhunski

320,00 kn

Suha Punta, Primošten - 0,75l

Bas De Bas Bibich

400,00 kn

merlot, shiraz, top quality wine 2008 - 0,75l

Plavac Mali Stina Barique

250,00 kn

Top quality wine, 2010 - 0,75l

Boškinac CSM

280,00 kn

Top quality wine, 2010 - 0,75l

Galić 9

320,00 kn

merlot, cabarnet sauvignon, top quality wine 2011 - 0,75l

Sangreal shiraz Bibich

250,00 kn

Top quality wine, 2009 - 0,75l

Bosso Obitelj Senković

250,00 kn

Plavac Mali, island Brač - 0,75l

Rose Rossi

220,00 kn

Rossi winery, Teran (Polusuhi) Centralna Istra - 0,75l

Rose Galić

220,00 kn

Couve quality wine, 2011 - 0,75l

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Primošten - a traditional fishing and wine-growing town that developed into a well-known tourist center.

Located in northern Dalmatia, between towns Šibenik and Split. Concerts, folklore performances and other entertainment activities are held almost daily in the main square under organizations tourist community Primošten.

The old town Primošten is situated on a hilly peninsula surrounded by seven small islands. With medieval walls in front retained all the characteristics of the Mediterranean town. Recognizable by his narrow streets and stone houses, among which are numerous restaurants, bars and tavern.